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We Specialize in CCTV Camera’s, Business Phone Systems, Home Automation, Home Theatre Systems, Home Security Systems, Distributed Audio and Video, Low Voltage Rough-in’s and Structured Cabling.

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Business Phone Systems

Wizkraft Solutions is the leading company providing Business Phone Systems, Voice Mail Systems, Uniffied Communication, Extensions with Call Transfer and  Virtual Receptionist for large or small offices.

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Automate lighting, Audio, Video, Security Systems, HVAC and much much more and control every thing from your smartphone.

CCTV Camera Systems

We offer best in residential and commercial security products. We install CCTV Surveillance also provide video monitoring services.

Business Phone Systems

Wizkraft Solutions is the leading company providing Business Phone Systems, Voice Mail Systems, Uniffied Communication, Call Transfers and  Virtual Receptionist for large or small offices.

Audio & Video Distribution

Want to listen to TV and your favourite from the comfort of your room with a click of just one button. We can help you give shape to your preferences.

Home Theatre Systems

Theatre like experience is what stands out in a house when you want to listen to songs or watch your favourite movie on a big screen TV with a Theater like sound system.

Access Control

Access Control is used to allow access to authorized people into a building or part of building at a given time and day. Options can either be by a keypad where a user enters his or her personal code or by card with proximity reader. The system can be configured with multiple access levels to achieve true access control.

Intercom (Audio & Video)

If you need a viable form of communication and a way to control access to the front of your home or business, then intercoms are the most effective technology.

Security Systems

Intruder alarm systems deter a potential burglary occurring at your house. If your house is alarmed and another house just up the road isn’t, then your home is a lot less likely to be targeted for theft. Our burglar alarms are professionally designed and installed to suit your lifestyle.

Structured Cabling

It is a planned and organised method of residential low voltage cabling allowing for efficent and flexible distribution of data, audio, communication and video services through an home automated network. It is designed to allow for future additions of services or alterations into existing outlets without major disturbance or rewiring.

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Home Automation

Want to know more about home automation customized just for your home.

Lighting & Shade Control

Whether you’re building a home or enhancing an existing residence, Wizkraft Solutions offers intelligent lighting and shade control in and around your home. Adjust lighting scenes with one-touch or reduce energy costs with fully automated solutions that don’t require a button-press at all.


Convenience and security become one with custom systems that control security through an elegant interface. Designed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele, RTI’s products integrate seamlessly with many of the industry-leading security solutions for a truly intuitive experience.

A/V Distribution

Life doesn’t just happen in the living room. Things heat up outside the kitchen. And we dine almost everywhere but the dining room. Our lives are fluid. Shouldn’t we expect the same from our media? With Wizkraft Solution’s distributed audio & video solutions, entertainment is always within reach.

Bose Authorized Dealer

Wizkraft Solutions is a Bose Authorized delaer. Now you can ask us to install Bose Music system in your theater room or your outdoor patio.

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Why choose Wizkraft Solutions for your Low Voltage & Home Automation needs ?




All Wizkraft technicians are experience and best in the industry to provide you with a posiive experience with our services.



Wizkraft Sales or tech personal will make sure that they are always picking up the phone or will return you with a call back. We believe in complete accountability.



Our team is all about going above and beyond on a given task. We try to make system integration possible will keep a can do attiude in everyy aspect of work.