Building a new house or adding an addition? We will help you to design a structured wiring plan that will support your telephone, TV, and computer networking needs. With Cat5e for phone, Cat6 for computer networking and RG6 for cable and satellite, your house will be ready for anything on the market today. All of our wires are run from a structured wiring panel to each location. From the panel, we run a bundle of RG6, Cat 5 & Fiber Wires for Shaw & Telus incoming feed

Confused about wired versus wireless networking? We will explain where wired network outlets will be beneficial and recommended uses for wireless networks. With in-ceiling Wireless Access Points (WAPs) wired back to your router, we offer solutions to provide wireless coverage in larger houses.

The best time to consider your Low voltage pre wiring while your new home is being built, and ready for your electrical and low voltage pre-wiring. There are many decisions to make during the construction process and it is not recommended to wait until the last minute. Once the drywall goes up, the flexibility of decisions is limited and can be costly. So, it is best to work with our team to carefully consider all your low voltage options as early as possible. It is important to think about the use of each room in your home, short and long term. Furniture placement will have an impact on the installation locations of phones, TV and Computer outlets. We can help you with all of these decisions. With today’s flat panel television technology, many homeowners would like to wall mount their televisions. The television and cable box locations must be selected with proper wires installed at both locations. This includes the availability of AC power. If you plan to mount a television 5 feet from the floor, you will need the electrician to install an outlet in the same location. The furniture plan will also provide assistance us to determining speaker placement for Surround Sound and Whole House Music Systems.

Cititech has 11 years experience in planning, designing and implement complete low voltage pre wiring and finishing. Our experienced team of experts will do their best to review the technology offerings and develop a plan that is best for you and your family. Listed below are several categories to consider: